The patches on the jacket are a common feature of custom motorcycling and often represent membership in a club or community of riders.

Here are some reasons why you might consider adding patches to your jacket while riding your custom motorcycle:

  1. Expression of identity and belonging: Patches can represent your identity and membership in a group or community of riders with similar interests and lifestyles. The patches can also express your love for motorcycling and custom culture.

  1. Visual recognition: Patches can help other riders recognize you on the road as part of the same community. This can create a sense of solidarity and shared interests.

  • 3. Jacket protection: Adding patches to your jacket can also have a practical function, such as protecting the jacket from damage or abrasion while riding.

  • 4. Adding style: Patches can also add style to your jacket and motorcycle, customizing them and making them unique.

It is important to note that some motorcycle communities may have rules and regulations regarding the addition of patches to their jackets. Make sure you know the rules before applying any patches to your clothing.

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